Choro Q PROPER JAP Wii-PUSSYCAT iso download

Eng Title: Choro Q PROPER
Jpn Title: チョロQ! PROPER

Developer: TakaraTomy
Publisher: TakaraTomy
Genre: RAC Game
Platform: Wii
Size: 4.34GB
Format: ISO
LANG : Japaness
Release Date: May.29.2016 – Shop date: Feb.26.2008 [US]

Description :

Enormous power inside that mini body! Experience the thrill brought to you by a high speed car!

Since entering the stage in 1980, the cute ChoroQ car became a unique icon. The car characters are adorably rendered with powerful engines and have become Takara Tommy’s long selling item.

And now it entered the world of Wii in the form of a family game!


Battle Road Mode – battle with the boss ChoroQs. Race with different rivals in different courses and earn points. Lastly battle with the boss.

Four people combat mode – Have a great time with your friends! Use the items and parts that are littered along the road to challenge the course! The screen is split into four in this mode.

Mini Game mode – Enjoy the party. Control your ChoroQ car and roll a ball along the course to play bowling with it, see how far you can jump in competitions, and many other mini games that you can enjoy.

Garage mode – Customize your ChoroQ car! There are numerous of cars to choose from, use the car bodies, engines and parts you have collected along the way and assemble your very own ChoroQ car. Colors and paints are also customizable.


No English game description available, sorry. This is a nice penny racer game.

PROPER NOTE: Choro_Q_Wii_JAP_WII-TMD was scrubbed.


Choro Q PROPER JAP Wii-PUSSYCAT iso download

Choro Q PROPER JAP Wii-PUSSYCAT iso download

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