Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams -SKIDROW -PC (Download)

Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams PC Download -SKIDROW iso torrent

Eng Title: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
Developer: Black Forest Games
Publisher: Black Forest Games
Genre: ACT(Action, Indie, Platformer, Casual) Game
Platform: PC
Size: 1.26GB
Format: DVDx1
Region : Region free
Lang : English
Realease Date: Oct.23.2012

Description :

Fluffy clouds and rainbows – what a nightmare! Being trapped in a lollipop world infuriates Giana, driving her to smash everything in her path… but the walls between dreams are thin. A tenebrous boneyard lurks just beyond the veil, soothing Giana’s temper and lightening her step. Project Giana is a phantasmagorical platformer with contrasting themes. Twist one dream into another at will to transform the world and Giana, putting an array of world-warping tricks at your fingertips.


Powerful Abilities: Giana moves through the dream according to her desires and mood. When confronted, she can hammer past or drift on by. You make the call.

Intuitive Controls and Smooth Gameplay: Controlling Giana is a breeze, but you’ll eventually need every trick in her arsenal to defeat the cunning trials ahead.

Amazing Worlds: Giana’s dream worlds leap off the screen with gorgeous 3D graphics and the fantastic alterations of the morph!

Tons of Cool Interactions: As Giana changes, so does the world around her. Fly with bubblegum, ride conveyor belts, power along with repeaters, hop on springs, and even more.

Legendary Soundtrack with Chris Hülsbeck and Machinae Supremacy!

Explore and Discover: There are 16 rich levels across 3 distinct worlds, each transforming into the two dream worlds. Giana’s dreams are abound with secret locations.

Epic Boss Battles: Gigantic creatures from the depths of Giana’s most terrifying nightmares are here to play too. Seriously, these guys are just plain brutal!


1. Unpack the release
2. Mount or burn image
3. Install
4. Play the game
5. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!


Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams torrent PC -SKIDROW iso Download

Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams PC torrent -SKIDROW iso Download

Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams free PC -SKIDROW iso torrent Download

Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Download PC -SKIDROW iso torrent

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