My Body Coach 3 -iNSOMNi -XBOX360 (PAL)(EUR)(Download)

My Body Coach 3 XBOX360 torrent -iNSOMNi PAL EUR iso Download

Eng Title: My Body Coach 3
Developer: Kylotonn
Publisher: Bigben Interactive
Genre: SPG(Workout) Game
Platform: XBOX360
Size: 7.40GB
Format: 16th Wave(LT 2.0/15574)
Region : EUR(PAL)
Lang : English
Realease Date: Nov.09.2012 [EU]

Description :

Slim down, stay in shape and stay relaxed, with no effort and all while having fun? Get real, that’s asking the impossible! 170 detailed diet menus, 140 fitness movements, 90 Pilates, stretching and breathing exercises, all fully adjustable to what you want and need, My Body Coach 3 is more than ever THE home well-being coaching reference!

Create and record your own sessions or let Valérie Orsoni, the famous coach, guide you and design a complete, personalised coaching programme for you that is perfectly adapted to your objectives and moods. Thanks to Kinect technology, you can benefit from the coach’s advice and remarks, with your movements corrected in real time.


4 objectives: lose weight, become calm and relaxed, maintain an active and healthy life, sculpt your body.

The virtual coach corrects your movements in real time using Kinect technology.

Create your own fitness sessions or let yourself be guided by your coach through a personalised programme.

140 exercises, 170 dietary menus and 90 relaxation sessions.

Listen to your own music during your sessions!


My Body Coach 3 torrent XBOX360 -iNSOMNi PAL EUR iso Download

My Body Coach 3 Download XBOX360 -iNSOMNi PAL EUR iso torrent

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