Paranormal Pursuit The Gifted One Collectors Edition -PS3 (PSN)

Paranormal Pursuit The Gifted One Collectors Edition PS3 PSN download

Eng Title: Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One Collector’s Edition
Developer: Alawar Entertainment
Publisher: Alawar Entertainment
Genre: PZL Game
Platform: PS3
Size: 1.50GB
Format: PSN-pkg(fw 3.xx/4.xx fixed)
Region : Region free
Lang : English
Realease Date: Mar.31.2015 [US]
Homepage: NA

Description :

En we first thought of making a new adventure hidden object game we really wanted to put something fresh into it. We were underwhelmed by all these ideas of unraveling some mystery; we didn’t want to offer a player another hoary role of a detective or a journalist trying to get to the bottom of some cold case.

So we came up with a totally different approach – we placed a player in the thick of action and let them star in a thrilling movie!

So, in Paranormal Pursuit: the Gifted One Collector’s Edition you take on the role of Samantha Evans, a Child Protection Officer. “The gifted one” of the title is Kevin, a little boy with psychic abilities. You have to save Kevin from people who want to use his gift for evil (yep, here we stayed on the beaten path).

You can’t rely upon Kevin’s paranormal powers – he’s too young and inexperienced to right a wrong, though he will occasionally get you both out of trouble. How exactly? You’ll have to figure this out yourself!

We’ve also put great effort into making your hidden object adventures feel unique and entertaining. Most of our HOG-scenes are multi-level and interactive. It’s not like when you find 10 objects hidden and then suddenly a key turns up, a secret door bursts open and a little leprechaun runs towards you with a pot full of gold and answers. No! Here you have to deal with everything yourself. You’ll have to find and use the objects in order to get the key; you’ll have to locate the right door to open; you’ll have to find the way to escape.

Speaking of escaping, we did our best to make these portions of the game really Oscar-worthy! Each chapter ends with a cinematic escape sequence in which you must make the right choices to avoid capture. Featuring HD support, 16:9 ratio and enhanced graphics, these portions will make you feel that this is all real!

We also made sure that you get the most out of your controllers with Dualshock controller vibration support and PlayStation Move support. Yes, you still have to use controllers even if you possess Kevin’s abilities. But if you really do, you have already guessed Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One Collector’s Edition goes on the run on PlayStation 3 on 1st April, 2015. And you can be sure that it will be great value for money!


Paranormal Pursuit The Gifted One Collectors Edition PS3 PSN download

Paranormal Pursuit The Gifted One Collectors Edition PS3 PSN download

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