Rodea The Sky Soldier -HR -3DS (JPN)

Rodea The Sky Soldier JPN 3DS-HR iso download

Eng Title: Rodea the Sky Soldier
Jpn Title: ロデア・ザ・スカイソルジャー

Developer: Prope
Publisher: NIS America
Genre: ARPG Game
Platform: 3DS
Size: 2.09GB
Format: 3DS
LANG : Japaness
Realease Date: Apr.2.2015 [JP]

Description :

Do you remember the announcement of Rodea: The Sky Soldier way back in 2011? Kadokawa Games’ president Yoshimi Yasuda confirmed back in July that it is still alive, and we now have a Spring release set for this NiGHTS-style action game!

Rodea: The Sky Soldier starts on the floating continent of Garuda. Your journey begins when a curious young girl named Ion ventures into ruins and reactivates the fabled robotic Majin soldier Rodea. After waking from a 1,000 year slumber Rodea’s memory is no more, except for the recollection of a “fierce battle from the past” and the face of a girl who looks like Ion.

As all this unfolds, the Machine Empire Naga has been revivded after 1,000 years of dormancy. Seemingly to be the antagonists of the title, their aim is to take control of the ‘Gravity Energy’ that resides on Garuda and use it to power their invasion of mechanical soldiers.

In order to protect the confused and frightened people of Garuda, Rodea and Ion step up to face the machine army.


Rodea The Sky Soldier JPN 3DS-HR iso download

Rodea The Sky Soldier JPN 3DS-HR iso download

Rodea The Sky Soldier JPN 3DS-HR iso download

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