Shin Hokuto Musou -Caravan -PS3 (JPN)(Download)

Shin Hokuto Musou PS3 Download -Caravan JPN iso torrent

Eng Title: Shin Hokuto Musou
Jpn Title: 真・北斗無双

Developer: Koei
Publisher: Koei
Genre: ACT Game
Platform: PS3
Size: 8.69GB
Format: ISO(fw NA)
Region : NTSC/J ONLY
Lang : Japaness
Realease Date: Dec.20.2012 [JP]

Description :

This is Hokuto Musou in its truest form. This game is a re-imagination of the existing title. Characters resemble their manga and anime counterparts even more, and fans of the series can live through the earth shaking battles they have seen.

Fight the Hokuto, Nanto and the Special way, but personalize your style as you develop your character. The Legend Mode returns, but it will be expanded to include even more content.

The Dream Mode has more scenarios for the recurring cast. Some of these are written specifically for this game to explain the origins of Hokuto Shinken to add to the depth of the series.


真・北斗無双 Download PS3 -Caravan JPN iso

真・北斗無双 PS3 Download -Caravan JPN iso torrent

Shin Hokuto Musou Download PS3 -Caravan JPN iso

Shin Hokuto Musou PS3 torrent -Caravan JPN iso Download

真・北斗無双 PS3 torrent -Caravan JPN iso Download

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