Toki to Eien Tokitowa -HR -PS3 (JPN)(Download)

Toki to Eien Tokitowa PS3 torrent -HR JPN iso Download

Eng Title: Toki to Eien Tokitowa
Jpn Title: 時と永遠 ~トキトワ~

Developer: NBGI
Publisher: NBGI
Genre: RPG Game
Platform: PS3
Size: 8.50GB
Format: ISO(fw 4.21)
Region : JPN
Lang : Japaness
Realease Date: Oct.11.2012 [JP]

Description :

A wedding is supposed to be joyous occasion for Princess Toki and her knight. However, the sneaky witch predicts that somebody is going to die at her wedding. Not trusting the words of the witch, the wedding proceeds. Yet, just as the princess is about to exchange a kiss with her knight, the tragedy happened. Her knight fell, and Towa, the other personality within Princess Toki awakens. To find out the connection between the witch, the assassin who crashed her wedding and to prevent her knight from dying, Toki and Towa travel back time to 6 months before the wedding.

The smooth transition between the anime scenes and the battlefield gives gamers the illusion that they are zapped into the game.


時と永遠 ~トキトワ~ torrent PS3 -HR JPN iso Download

Toki to Eien Tokitowa PS3 torrent -HR JPN iso Download

時と永遠 ~トキトワ~ PS3 torrent -HR JPN iso Download

時と永遠 ~トキトワ~ Download PS3 -HR JPN iso torrent

時と永遠 PS3 Download -HR JPN iso

時と永遠 PS3 torrent -HR JPN iso Download

時と永遠 ~トキトワ~ PS3 iso torrent -HR JPN Download

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