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Eng Title: Unchained Blades
Developer: FuRyu
Publisher: Xseed Games
Genre: RPG Game
Platform: PSP
Size: 253MB
Format: ISO
Region : USA
Lang : English
Realease Date: Jun.26.2012 [US]
Homepage: http://www.unchainedblades.com/

Description :

Unchained Blades is a Wizardry-type RPG where the player controls a hero character who travels with a party of up to four other NPCs. In addition to the standard cast, players can also recruit monsters to join their cause, in a manner not unlike Final Fantasy Tactics. Each character can have four supporting monsters, bringing the total party count to twenty. The 3DS version will feature a full map on the bottom screen, whereas the PSP version will have a map overlay with the option to toggle it on or off.

The highly-reputed music artist Nobuo Uematsu contributed some music to the game, although most of the music was contributed by a colleague named Tsutomo Narita. Each of the game’s main characters was also drawn by a different anime/manga artist.


Unchained Blades Download -PLAYASiAPSN PSP USA PSN iso torrent

Unchained Blades free -PLAYASiAPSN PSP USA PSN iso torrent Download

Unchained Blades PSP torrent -PLAYASiAPSN USA PSN iso Download

Unchained Blades PSP Download -PLAYASiAPSN USA PSN iso torrent

Unchained Blades PSP free -PLAYASiAPSN USA PSN iso torrent Download

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