Yakuza Dead Souls -DUPLEX -PS3 (EUR)(Download)

Yakuza Dead Souls -DUPLEX PS3 EUR Iso torrent Download

Eng Title: Yakuza Dead Souls EUR
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Genre: AVG/ACT/STG Game
Platform: PS3
Size: 17.52GB
Format: ISO(FW 4.10+)
Region : EUR
Lang : English
Realease Date: 2012/03/16
Homepage: http://ryu-ga-gotoku.com/theend/

Description :

Protagonists from previous Yakuza games team up to deal with the zombie outbreak in Kamurocho. They must also search for Haruka Sawamura, who was kidnapped by a mysterious individual.

2011. In April. Japan. Tokyo. The famous red-light district was attacked by the undead. Zombies filled the streets, and the whole sector has been declared a quarantine zone. So District of joy and pleasure into a convent horror, where there is panic and destruction. The few survivors tried to escape, and then came four heroes to defend what they hold dear. And if you think the worst of the zombies did not happen, then you have not met with the yakuza.

Four thieves will make its way through the streets covered by the chaos of the city, to assess the scale of the disaster and become the last hope of retaining the human face of the townspeople. Soak up the atmosphere of a dying city. Find out the truth by looking at events from the four points of view, gain support and learn to work as a team. The only way to save Japan.

This Tokyo, you have not seen Play with the zombies in table tennis and have fun shooting ghouls on a date with a charming hostess. In the Yakuza: Dead Souls is always something to do – you can have many side quests, clubs, bars, karaoke, dangerous dungeons and more.
Four of the brave Company familiar heroes – Kazuma Kiryu and Xiong Akiyama – amount to newcomers: Goro “Mad Dog” Madzima and Ryuji year, known as Kansai Dragon.

Yakuza: Dead Souls takes a step aside from familiar paths of the series and offers a completely new mechanics in the third person shooter, reinforcing its rich selection of firearms and opportunities to improve it. And, of course, the city, the eyeballs full of bloodthirsty zombies.


Yakuza Dead Souls torrent -DUPLEX PS3 EUR Iso Download

Yakuza Dead Souls Download -DUPLEX PS3 EUR Iso torrent

Yakuza Dead Souls PS3 torrent -DUPLEX EUR Iso Download

Yakuza Dead Souls PS Download3 -DUPLEX EUR Iso torrent

Yakuza Dead Souls DUPLEX -PS3 EUR Iso torrent Download

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